Welcome to Awaken.

Awaken is a start-up tech company born out of the frustration of inconsistent and underwhelming success in cultivating mushrooms. After rounds of striking success followed by almost no success at all, we began asking ourselves questions in an attempt to detail where the root of the problem lay. Being minds dominated by first principles, we sought out a way to control every aspect we could in mushroom cultivation. This avenue introduced us to the DIY fabrications of simple control systems attached to small plastic storage containers. A quiet whisper ensued:

“Surely there are better off-the-shelf solutions out there”

Around the time when the world stopped, we started. In mid 2020, we began by consulting with Harry, a mechatronic engineer. He immediately became interested in the project and firmly solidified our vision. Shortly thereafter he became the lead figure for the Awaken project. Let the garage hacking begin!

We needed to strategise how to create an isolated environment that controlled humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration, fresh air exchange and lighting. The task at hand immediately became much more complex than we had first imagined. None-the-less, we persisted. Piece by piece, we assembled the control systems for each parameter and began writing the firmware.

Plot of our initial ability to control temperature in the prototype box
Testing LED lighting control

Around this time, our team grew as we welcomed two Liam’s to the collection of spores. The first Liam added a wealth of mushroom growing experience and supply chain management and the second Liam assumed the role as our software lead. From here we began to develop an interactive web app allowing the user to control and monitor the conditions within the incubator from anywhere. This is facilitated thanks to the limitless possibilities of IoT principles.

WebApp V0.1
Data tracking relative humidity visually displayed on graph through WebApp V0.1

At time of writing, development is firmly on track to have a fully functioning, insulated prototype by November 2021. We have lined up a couple of restaurants in Queensland, Australia to test our technology and overall business model as Beta testers in the first manufacturing run.

If you wish to participate in our journey as we develop and grow, head over to our discord discussion page. Here we will be posting regular updates and will have channels encouraging discussion.

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